Heroic Thok the Bloodthirsty!


Well that was fun for a little while, at least. Thok down after some close wipes and a little slowdown due to getting all the necessary healers online at the same time. Pretty interesting fight but I’m not sure I love the emphasis on cooldown stacking. Also nobody wants a fight where hunters are amazing. Stop that, Blizzard.

That puts us at 11/14H and we’ll have 2 nights this week to get acquainted with Siegecrafter.

Heroic Thok the Bloodthirsty

Heroic Spoils of Pandaria!

Spoils down! 10/14H and onward to the big dino.

I guess a boss of rapid trash mobs is supposed to be a nice change of pace? Kind of weird but once the box order and pacing was sorted out, not that bad.

Heroic Spoils

Heroic Malkorok


Finished this off Thursday after a couple nights of practice. As you can see from our kill shot, nobody was too interested in sticking around with that guy any longer. Far more excited to move onto something new. 9/14H overall now, and we got a couple hours in on Spoils so that was a good start.

Heroic Malkorok

Heroic General Nazgrim!

Came in this week after reclearing the early stuff and got Nazgrim down after a few pulls Wednesday.

8/14H now and it’s time for the real heart of the raid. Onward to Malkorok.

Heroic General Nazgrim